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WhyMe Movement

The WhyMe Movement was founded by Vera-Lee Curnow after multiple near death experiences and adversities in her life.

One pivotal moment waking from a coma where she was not expected to survive, Vera-Lee explains how opening her eyes to the world with a fresh perspective, seeing colours with more vibrance, feeling the warmth of the sun like it was the first time again and knowing she never wanted to ask herself WhyMe in woeful unempowered feeling again,

She decided that was the last time she was going to feel controlled by adversity into darkness. Seeing the light in a new way upon waking from that coma, she started focussing more on what she could be grateful for in her life despite the immense physical and emotional challenges facing her path.

Vera-Lee had been inspiring audiences for many years since leaving a domestic violence relationship with her ex-husband, and wanted to share her journey and story with more people, helping to support others through the inspiration, connection and empowerment she has embodied on her own journey over the last 20 years.

When COVID placed her and her family on house arrest for over 9 months, she decided now was the time, and the WhyMe Movement was launched on social media and podcast WhyMe with Vera-Lee.

You can listen to Vera-Lee's inspiring messages on the Inspire tab for great tips and support for you to work through your own adversity, challenges and gain a varied perspective that may just help you to start making the shift to a more productive and fulfilled life. With the WTF.lab episodes included for those who struggle with their body image and weight control, you will find many helpful episodes there as well.

Understanding just how much trauma and adversity can change the physical and mental wellbeing of a person, Vera-Lee interweaves her own perspective throughout the Interview series, and ask those questions not normally dared to be asked in a calm and insightful way. No scripting occurs on this podcast and the guests are treated to some of Vera-Lee's personal abilities to listen with positive intention, gain further clarity and understanding and to allow deeper insight for each guest on the show.

Having travelled her own healing path, using various modalities including art therapy, writing poetry, physical, emotional and mental rehabilitation practices and her own unique way of seeing the world, Vera-Lee has brought so much to many across the world.

The WhyMe Movement is very significant and was founded to allow her the opportunity to spread positive outcomes and intentions to a far greater audience.

Now there are two podcasts, with the WTF.lab podcast created to focus on the ways she has lost 60 kgs (130+ pounds) before undergoing weight loss surgery (WLS) gastric sleeve and documenting her own journey as well as those of her audience, as stories and tips for success are shared weekly on a Friday.

If you would like to support Vera-Lee and the good work of the WhyMe Movement, you can now do so by clicking the "support" tab and choosing between a donation or sponsorship.. You can now easily subscribe right from the episodes here on the website by clicking subscribe in the bottom right corner of each episode, and if you found value in an episode, easily share on your social media by clicking share.

Contact Vera-Lee to speak at your next event.

Vera-Lee is available for selected bookings to inspire, connect and empower your audience. As a trained teacher and coach, she has the skills to deliver an engaging session for your audience. Her personal challenges and triumphs make for very inspiring listening and she prefers a more interactive experience for her audiences, engaging personal reflection and insight throughout the show. Enter your details below to get in touch with Vera-Lee today.

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