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When you feel:

  • Stuck in a rut and your physical health and mental wellness is suffering.

  • You’ve gone through adversity and are feeling it is difficult to focus on everyday life.

  • You feel like whatever you do the weight keeps creeping up as your body image plummets down.

  • You know inspiration and empowerment are words you would really like to feel connected with but you are not sure they apply to you anymore.

  • You ask yourself WhyMe? about moments and experiences from your past.

  • You feel like you have potential but are unsure what to do next to utilise it.

  • You've been listening to Vera-Lee's podcasts and feel her energy and calm voice and wonder if she may be able to help you....

  • The thing is, Vera-Lee's gone through many different forms of adversity and with her background in education, business consulting and management and her experience with the athletic mindset needed to bust through some of the excuses, she will be there to support you as you need and only works with those who are willing to make the movement necessary to gain confidence, success and fulfillment in life.


    Are you ready to commit to your greater development? Contact Vera-Lee now to book your first session.

  • Vera-Lee’s background Bachelor of Applied Science in Physical Education and Science teaching degree and life experience as an elite athlete, coach, mentor, business consultant and creative thinker provide a diverse range of experience and techniques to help support you.

    Having overcome immense adversity herself, Vera-Lee has personal experience with how to work around limitations whilst still looking for ways to not only survive - to thrive by approaching challenges from a different perspective.

    Some of the ways Vera-Lee’s Embrace Coaching may be able to support you include:

  • Discovering your WHY in personal and business life.

  • Getting unstuck and improving relationships.

  • Working through adversity to discover your unique opportunity.

  • Awareness of patterns of thinking and behaviour that is holding you back.

  • Weight loss support.

  • Improving momentum to achieve success with your goals.

  • Feeling more inspired, connected and empowered to be the best version of you possible.

  • Embrace 4-week Coaching Package Offer

    Vera-Lee’s wealth of experience in sport, education, business and overcoming personal challenges enable her to help you discover how to succeed in the areas of your life that matter most to you. She works with people who are ready to commit to making decisions with follow through and positive changes. Her signature daily inspiration course will have you waking to personal messages to inspire and start your day in a way that primes you for success and fulfillment. Using customized goals and coaching sessions, you will feel better and gain clarity of identity, purpose and what to do next to move your dreams into achievable goals.

    If you would like to work with Vera-Lee on a personal level, you can choose the Embrace movement package over 4 weeks to kickstart your forward momentum.

    The calendar link will be provided upon completion of the your purchase. All prices in US $

    4 weeks

    Make the decision to create movement in your life with a
    * 4 week program designed to identify your goals for success with Vera-Lee.
    This is for people who want
    * to gain clarity about their goals and aspirations
    * learn how to convert wants into achievable goals with measurable results that you can feel.
    * You will receive daily inspirational private audio messages to start the day in a primed state for success and continued momentum.
    * Weekly video calls with Vera-Lee to zone in on the areas where you need individual support and action plans.

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