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WTF.lab is the podcast and coaching support for anyone who has struggled with weight and feeling uncomfortable in their own skin. Vera-Lee went from being a fit and trim size 12 woman who kept up with her triathlete friends, played tennis around Australia and was a physical education coordinator to being suddenly very unwell and overweight. Her highest weight recorded - 196kgs (432 lbs) a size 36 and barely able to walk 3 steps without collapsing. Life was spent between hospitals and a recliner chair, unable to breathe with the extra weight compressing her damaged lungs and vocal cords and confining her to sleeping in a recliner for many years. 

After being denied weight loss surgery time and time again for fears she was too unwell to survive the surgery and still being on the medication that caused 80% of her weight issues, Vera-Lee decided if she was ever going to have quality of life again, she needed to work out another way herself. From exercising in hospital beds and hallways to eventually taking up a sport she now represents her state in (lawn bowls), Vera-Lee’s approach to small changes with big results over time helped her to lose 60kgs before she was admitted for a gastric sleeve. Knowing both sides of the weight loss with and without surgery, she started the WTF.lab podcast.

WT stands for what you think it does… because anyone who has found themselves looking in the mirror and saying WT? when/how did I get to this point? understands what this moment feels like and the devastation it can be at the time. (Those unavoidable reflective shop windows!) The Flab is all about losing the flab and becoming ‘flabulous’ - by accepting you and your body wherever you are on your journey and deciding to make those changes that will help support you to your goals. It is also using the words ‘lab’ as a way to encourage everyone to understand the process of personal development and how much we need to work on our mental approach to food and life in order to maintain our success.

So the WTF.lab podcast will help you to gain tips and tricks for dealing with those flabby issues and allow your own mind to ponder the possibilities of “what if?”….. Enjoy listening to some of the episodes below or you can subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. Remember to leave a rating and review on Apple podcasts to help others discover the benefits of the content being shared.

You can join with Vera-Lee to gain results and grow as your shrink your flab now with the Embrace Sessions.

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